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The height on my Rigsmart system isn’t correct (ADR/PLC rig).

First confirm the PLC is calibrated and fully functional. Once this is complete check the …

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I just changed the battery but my device isn’t transmitting.

It is recommended you wait 30 seconds after you remove the old battery before installing …

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Why do you need my serial number when I call in?

The more information the tech on the phone has about your system helps us serve …

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What are the power requirements for the panel?

All Rigsmart panels can operate between 12V and 24V DC. You do not need to …

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My wireless sensor isn’t transmitting what do I do?

Ensure the battery installed has a charge of 3.6V. Some devices such as a drill …

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I can’t access my DAS webpage.

Ensure you are connected to the DAS wifi for your system or over a VPN …

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What batteries can I use?

Only SAFT 3.6V lithium batteries.

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Why does the battery in my bail angle sensor not last as long?

The bail angle transmits more frequently than most other devices so the battery doesn’t last …

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How do I do a slip and cut height calibration?

Start with the elevators near the floor (bails floated). Slowly raise the blocks until you …

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Why does the plunger not move in my A2B switch?

The A2B is a weight measuring device, so the plunger does not move.

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What hours are you open and when is the after-hours service available?

Rigsmart Systems is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm Mountain Time. There is a service tech …

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What should my battery voltage be?

When you measure your battery voltage, measure it while it is still installed in the …

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