RigSmart Systems

Wireless safety AND DATA Acquisition solutions for drilling and workover rigs.

Rig Safety. Made Simple.

About Rigsmart

Rigsmart Systems is known for our innovative customer-focused design philosophy and industry leading service.  All systems are designed to rig specifications and operational needs.  We have a proven track record for reducing non-productive time and crew exposure to hazards.  

Our experienced team has installed systems on and offshore, from the
arctic to the desert, all throughout the world.  

Rigsmart utilizes wireless sensors to:

  • Minimize effort in rig up and rig down of our systems
  • Allow for quick and efficient installation
  • Make troubleshooting and system repairs quick and easy

We offer 24/7 service. Our professional, experienced technicians are ready to mobilize to meet your needs when you need them.

The Cornerstone of Safety and Efficiency

With over 1000 installations across the globe, you can rely on Rigsmart to provide a solution that not only provides crew safety, but also key performance insights.

Solutions We Provide

Safety Systems

From simple alarms to advanced braking and lockout systems, we are able to build a system of sensors customized to accommodate your rig and protect your crew.

24/7 Customer Support

Whether you want help calibrating equipment or just need new batteries, we're here for you 24/7.


Analyze sensor data, keep a pipe tally and log events in real time. OnSite provides all the tools you need on your worksite.


Get key performance insights, reports and notifications from all of your systems in real time from anywhere. AllSight provides a complete cloud solution for the optimization and monitoring of rigs


Get your data your way. With connection support on all levels, from a modbus connection on-site to a restful API in the cloud, you can get your data how you need it!

Our Certifications