Data Acquisition System (DAS) and KPI Analysis

Greater Visibility Means Great Efficiency

With the Rigsmart Data Acquisition System, wireless sensors monitor critical data points in your well completion operations. Measured parameters include pressure, flow, depth, RPM, torque, weight, level, wind and more.

Examples of Key Performance Indicators include: an accurate pipe tally with verified make-up torque for every joint, searchable data points for critical operations such as plug drill outs, and comparative data across operations or wells.

Data is recorded on the rig, as well as sent to a cloud database. From less complex work like pulling rods to drilling out multiple plugs in long laterals, the end-user can choose the data they want collected and displayed through a customized dashboard.

The crew can log into the system for viewing with any phone, tablet or laptop computer. The data can be analyzed from the cloud in virtually real-time to maximize efficiency or provide verification.

Notifications can be sent from the system via email or text in concerning situations such as weight approaching capacity or pressure spiking above the expected level.

Data analytics will lead to greater efficiency in your workover operation. This flexible tool can be quickly and easily customized to suit your equipment, location and well type.

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