Anti-Collision System

Avoid equipment collisions and limit your non-productive time while improving safety.

The Rigsmart Anti-Collision System monitors moving equipment on a drilling rig including: Traveling blocks, top drive, bails/elevators and additional pipe handling systems.

Anti-Collision Bail Sensor - Rigsmart
BOP Management System by Rigsmart

BOP Management System

The BOP management system provides wireless monitoring of BOP position accumulator pressure.

The system can also monitor multiple sets of rams and prevent pulling against closed rams with a snubbing unit, hydraulic workover unit, workover rig or drilling rig.

Workover Rigs

Workover rig systems provide safety equipment that protects crews and equipment.

Our wireless solutions include crown and floor savers, over-pull protection, ram savers, wind-speed indicators, angle indicators, pressure sensors, weight indicators, tank and pump monitoring and complete data acquisition.

Workover Rigs Console
Slip Interlock

Slip Interlock (Slipsmart)

The addition of wireless position sensing and load sensing to your slips allows for no loss of control on your pipe. The Slipsmart system ensures that the slip is in the proper position and that load has been successfully transferred before the slip is unlocked and allowed to open at a speed that doesn’t interrupt trip times.

Custom Solutions

The modular design of our system allows for any sensors to be combined to tailor fit a solution for your intervention rig. Wireless load pins, pressure sensors, tank volumes, proximity sensors, RFID readers, Emergency Shut Down (ESD) and more. If you require monitoring or controls for your rig we can build it.

Rigsmart Panel