About Rigsmart Systems

Rigsmart Systems manufactures wireless safety systems for drilling, snubbing and service rigs. Cranesmart Systems, the parent company of Rigsmart Systems has been the industry leader providing crane safety systems for over 20 years.  With more than 30,000 installations globally, the Cranesmart technology is proven effective and reliable. Rigsmart equipment is built on this solid foundation of experience and engineering.

In 2007, Rigsmart began installing crown and floor saver systems on drilling rigs. By 2008, we had prototyped our first anti-collision or zone management system. Our installation base now includes over 700 systems in operation globally. Installations include land based rigs, as well as offshore on tender barges, platforms and drill ships.

Rigsmart Systems is known for our innovative customer-focused design philosophy and industry leading service.  Systems are designed to rig specifications. We have a proven track record for reducing non-productive time and crew exposure. Rigsmart helps service providers adhere to producer HS&E standards.

Rigsmart technicians have many years of experience on different rig types both onshore and offshore. The personnel are made up of a combination of Electricians, Instrument Mechanics and Field Programmers. The technicians are qualified to survey your equipment, install and commission your system and above all perform these tasks safely and efficiently with the minimum of rig downtime. All field technicians maintain the minimum of the following safety tickets:

  • H2S Alive
  • Fall Arrest/Rig Rescue
  • TDG
  • First Aid
  • Rig Pass
  • OHSAS 18001 certified.

Our Certifications