Data Acquisition and KPI Analysis

The Rigsmart KPI Portal is the world’s leading tool for identifying and analyzing inefficiencies in upstream operations.  Through the integration of Rigsmart’s Data Acquistion System (DAS), customizable user interface, and dynamic log analysis, viewing real time and historical data has never been easier.  The KPI interface allows the user to view system data the way that makes the most sense for any particular objectives.  Data trending is also customized to particular needs with Rigsmart’s flexible logging capabilites.  

The KPI Portal has HTML integration, which allows for viewing from any phone, tablet or laptop through a local Wi-Fi connection.  The system saves data to a cloud though an LTE signal or data feed to an existing satellite system.  If cell or satellite service are unavailable, the system will trend and save data offline, then upload to the cloud once connection resumes.

The following parameters (and more) can be continuously monitored and logged for KPI analysis:


  • block height    
  • drill depth        
  • return flow       
  • H2S
  • LEL
  • trip time
  • crew efficiency
  • weight on bit
  • anti-collision events
  • wind speed
  • rig level
  • downtime


  • BOP status
  • slip status                
  • lift force                     
  • snub force
  • rotary torque
  • tong torque
  • pump flow
  • pump pressure
  • jack hydraulic pressure
  • tank level
  • wellhead pressure
  • standpipe pressure
  • annulus pressure
  • accumulator pressure
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